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Useful CTI Server procmon Commands The following procmon commands are especially useful in diagnosing issues when PERIPHERAL_MONITOR mode is used. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. You can use the signature to tell if it’s a T-Server or not. >>>>clients Session Time Ver Flags ClientID AgentID AgentExt Signature Host 1 4 days 14 AUX CTIOSServer CTIOSServer ( PERIPHERAL_MONITOR mode: 16:56:27:612 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: MsgType:BEGIN_CALL_EVENT (MonitorID:2 PeripheralID:5000 PeripheralType:IPCC Simplified 16:56:27:612 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: NumCTIClients:1 NumNamedVariables:0 NumNamedArrays:0 CallType:CALLTYPE_AGENT_INSIDE 16:56:27:612 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: ConnectionDeviceIDType:CONNECTION_ID_STATIC ConnectionCallID:16784707 16:56:27:612 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: CalledPartyDisposition:CD_INVALID ConnectionDeviceID:"2302" http://dwoptimize.com/error-code/tserver-error-codes.html

One thing you could also try once you have confirmed Genesys is registering is that you could try and get the Genesys to register with a different ASAI Version. This will include a textual // message that may be more useful to present in log messages, etc, // though its error code is less specific. In addition, familiarity with Parent/Child and the components of the Genesys System in use (whether it be T-Server and desktop only, or a complete Genesys Enterprise routing system with URS, Stat Consult the error log files for a corresponding error message. 11 The Tserver was unable to allocate a piece of memory. 1. http://www.sggu.com/smf/index.php?topic=5060.0

Genesys Error Code List

They all should be ROUTE_REGISTER_ACCEPTED – If not there is an error. No further operations are possible on this stream. Use Tserver TSA to check traffic.

These are described briefly below for identification. The Access Group in the "Classes of Service" administration in this user's record which corresponds to the action being attempted (Call Control or Device/Device Monitoring) is empty or the device is So with the T-server not connected try and ensure the following work. required AppStatusPB status = 2; } message PingRequestPB { } message PingResponsePB { } // A batched set of insert/mutate requests.

December 08, 2016, 01:31:50 PM HomeHelpSearchLoginRegister Genesys CTI User Forum » Genesys CTI User Forum » Genesys CTI Technical Discussion (Moderator: victor) » TServer Error code details « previous next » Genesys T Server Events It lists all the monitors on a particular device. Check that RONA works for all ICM controlled routing – Checking one call per Agent Desk Setting is probably more than sufficient. http://www.devconnectprogram.com/forums/posts/list/8282.page A Tserver running on a 3.x NetWare server (or on a 4.x NetWare server using TSRVBTRV.NLM for the SDB) uses the NetWare Bindery to authenticate users.

optional RowwiseRowBlockPB data = 4; // The snapshot timestamp at which the scan was executed. There is a high probability that the service will succeed if retried. 34 The service requires a resource that is out of service. 35 The server sub-domain is busy. 36 The Also notice that two END_CALL_EVENTs are sent, one for each monitored party in the call. 16:56:36:362 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: MsgType:END_CALL_EVENT (MonitorID:2 PeripheralID:5000 PeripheralType:IPCC Simplified 16:56:36:362 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: ConnectionDeviceIDType:CONNECTION_ID_STATIC ConnectionCallID:16784707 16:56:36:362 I hope with the information about ASAI Core you can help me and resolve the dude about licenses.

Genesys T Server Events

Change the user's administration so that the user has permission to control the device through either the worktop object (worktop administration) or through the Call Control Access Group Classes Of Service http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/Genesys_T-Server-UCCE_Integration_Problem_Isolation If this event is generated by the Tserver, then there is a software problem with the Tserver. Genesys Error Code List Also, may I recommend that you re-evaluate what the geniuses at Genesys say their system will integrate with and what it will not? Genesys Media Error 58 For the side of Avaya they didn´t know how many cantity of licenses because if they configure 841 licenses because for the side Genesys found the cantity excatly of objects but

Collect the error log files and message trace files and escalate the problem. 8 A driver, internal to the Tserver, failed to register properly. Check This Out TABLET_HAS_A_NEWER_SCHEMA = 11; // The tablet is hosted on this server, but not in RUNNING state. message ResourceMetricsPB { // all metrics MUST be the type of int64. Set the agent password first on Genesys, then set the password on the UCCE side to the identical value.

Basic functionality Tests - Prerequisites UCCE Side - No T-Server Connected In deployments where Genesys is doing the enterprise routing, prior to hooking up the T-Server, it is important to confirm Then I have the test and I see in the CCpulse the all Object for side of Genesys was Up, I said yeahhhhhh!!! Then we founf the real cantity object in Genesys. Source Each link to each System PG is seen as a separate ACD to Genesys.

Note: Make sure the assigned PBX for this device includes the telephony server being administered. 28 The specified device in an API call was not found on any device group administered optional bytes stop_primary_key = 9; // Which columns to select. // if this is an empty list, no data will be returned, but the num_rows // field of the returned RowBlock When retrying a request, the client // should _not_ increment this value.

For example if you are trying to get it to work on ASAI v4 now, test with ASAI version 3.

We checked with Genesys too but they said the problem is from voip end. Call your support number. 25 The password, login, or both from an ACSOpenStream request did pass the Tserver authentication checks. are set up correctly. register now Our site uses JavaScript.

These errors will appear in the Tserver error logs. Then, select the new group (you may have to use the "Advertised Services" option on the "Admin" main menu first to administer the CTI link names that will be added to There should be a call type associated with the route point DN, a script, and default routing logic. http://dwoptimize.com/error-code/ue-error-code.html Here is an example of the dump_device command: >>>>dd 2301 PeripheralID=5000 DeviceType=0(Device) DeviceID=2301 Extension= AgentID=1001 Origin=MonitorStartRequest MonitorID=3 MonitorType=Device m_Subject:"2301" Client:"(null)" >>>>dd 2302 PeripheralID=5000 DeviceType=0(Device) DeviceID=2302 Extension= AgentID=1002 Origin=SetAgentStateRequest MonitorID=4 MonitorType=Device m_Subject:"2302"

Consult the error log files for a corresponding error message. Consult the logs for the NetWare return code. 9 A NetWare SPX call failed in the Tserver. See the Network Managers guide for the appropriate administration. 34 The Tserver read a device object from the security database that contained corrupted information. This error will appear in the error log files and will indicate which field is invalid.

Corrective action for some errors can be self-evident. Change the user's administration so that the user has permission to control the device through either the worktop object (worktop administration) or through one of the "Classes of Service" (user administration). Trouble logging in? SCANNER_EXPIRED = 7; // An invalid scan was specified -- e.g the values passed for // predicates were incorrect sizes.

Security Errors 60 The server is unable to be more specific. 61 The server has detected an error in the sequence number of the operation. 62 The server has detected an optional fixed64 snap_timestamp = 6; // If this is a fault-tolerant scanner, this is set to the encoded primary // key of the last row returned in the response. Worth noting in this deployment is the UCCE PGs are the ACD so expect references to that from the customer/end/Genesys documentation user referring to UCCE as the ACD. Why bother setting up a backup configuration first?

Switch Code:CS081Problem Clarification CM vector as below 01 adjunct routing link 5  02 wait-time 6 secs hearing silence  the cause of this issue is , when Gensys replied the Adjunct-routing, the This code is an internal one and should never be returned to an application. Additionally, the UCCE script administrator may want to use unique call types for these backup call types/scripts to allow easy identification of them via TCD or call type reporting if desired. Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information.

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