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Avaya -- Proprietary. Thanks Johan Landman [Consultant] Integration of Genesys T-Server January 3, 2010 10:18 AM (in response to Sean Wong) What version is your CM? Verify the user has a user object in the Tserver security database by using the NetWare TSA Windows application: From the Admin option, select "Users." Validate that the user's login is http://dwoptimize.com/error-code/tserver-error-code.html

There should be a call type associated with the route point DN, a script, and default routing logic. We want migration to TSAPI 8.0 but the big problem was about the licenses because the sides of AES not registring all objects of Genesys. For example, if Agent 1000 is in Skill Group 1 who will be targeted by Genesys (through a TRP the Route point running the script to queue/distribute calls is controlled by optional fixed64 snap_timestamp = 6; // Sent by clients which previously executed CLIENT_PROPAGATED writes. // This updates the server's time so that no transaction will be assigned // a timestamp lower

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Only a limited number of CSTA requests can be queued on a device. The PBX driver queues CSTA requests for a device. Consult the logs for the NetWare return code. 2 The Tserver has an internal system error. T-Server Code:610 Symbolic Name:TERR_ASAI_INVALID_CRV Description:Invalid call identifier is used or a call does not exist.

If the link between CTI Server and the T-Server goes down this logic can/will take over and use UCCE to route any calls. If it looks normal proceed to the normal Genesys/T-Server/Desktop troubleshooting. optional ReadMode read_mode = 5 [default = READ_LATEST]; // The requested snapshot timestamp. The telephony server translates this error into more specific errors which indicate which list the device is not on.

To determine corrective action in the remaining cases, call the application support number. Genesys T Server Events The driver may be in an inoperable state. Note the MonitorID is being populated. Call your support number. 46 The Tserver received a bad SPX packet so the client connection was dropped.

optional int64 cfile_cache_miss_bytes = 1; optional int64 cfile_cache_hit_bytes = 2; } message ScanResponsePB { // The error, if an error occurred with this request. December 08, 2016, 01:32:41 PM HomeHelpSearchLoginRegister Genesys CTI User Forum » Genesys CTI User Forum » Genesys CTI Technical Discussion (Moderator: victor) » TServer Error code details « previous next » Call your support number. 24 The stream type of an ACSOpenStream request was invalid. If it is a valid message then there may be a software problem with the Tserver.

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Conclusion: All CM route points for these calls are set up correctly: DNs, scripts, etc. required bytes tablet_id = 1; // The maximum number of rows to scan. // The scanner will automatically stop yielding results and close // itself after reaching this number of result Genesys Error Code List From the "Available Topics" menu in syscon choose "User Information." Validate that the user's login is in the list of "User Names." Use the "Insert" key to create a login and I don´t understand and I very very worried because this project should have finished the last month.

Determine who else is running the Telephony Services TSA Windows application (without the aid of the Tserver). 49 The telephony server rejected a user's request to control a device because all http://dwoptimize.com/error-code/unix-tcp-ip-error-codes.html Ensure the Genesys Call variable mapping is in place and proper. Your log will be more meaningful when we know what the error code means. message TabletServerErrorPB { enum Code { // An error which has no more specific error code. // The code and message in 'status' may reveal more details. // // RPCs should

I hope with the information about ASAI Core you can help me and resolve the dude about licenses. Double-check with CM folks. This is typically a version mismatch. Source Events Experts Bureau Events Community Corner Awards & Recognition Behind the Scenes Feedback Forum Cisco Certifications Cisco Press Café Cisco On Demand Support & Downloads Community Resources Security Alerts Security Alerts

But the last week I did a detailed test but I found with the same problem all objects was regsitred for th side of Genesys. Has any1 any experience rolling such an integration? required AppStatusPB error = 2; } repeated PerRowErrorPB per_row_errors = 2; // The timestamp chosen by the server for this write. // TODO KUDU-611 propagate timestamps with server signature.

Change the user's administration so that the user has permission to control the device through either the worktop object (worktop administration) or through one of the "Classes of Service" (user administration).

This page and the troubleshooting Wiki cover some common debugging issues, but are not intended to be an exhaustive Genesys T-Server or URS troubleshooting guide. On the "Client Status Information" dialog box, highlight the client you wish to disconnect and select "View." On the "Client Detail Information" dialog box, use the "Drop Connections" option to drop Consult the logs for the NetWare return code. 38 The Tserver has received a message from the application or the driver that it does not recognize. Follow the procedures defined for that error code. 48 An attempt was made to open a second TSA connection to the Tserver TSA driver when there was already an established stream

Then we founf the real cantity object in Genesys. required Code code = 1 [ default = UNKNOWN_ERROR ]; // The Status object for the error. Please try the request again. http://dwoptimize.com/error-code/tx-2500-error-codes.html This error is sent for every outstanding CSTA request of this ACS Handle.

WRONG_SERVER_UUID = 16; // The compare-and-swap specified by an atomic RPC operation failed. Note: Passwords are not kept in the Tserver security database. 26 No user object was found in the security database for the login specified in the ACSOpenStream request. Select the TSA Access Group to which this user should be added, or create a new group for this user via the "Create" button. ACS Universal Failure Events These errors usually do not indicate a problem with the system and should be handled accordingly by the application.

The International Avaya User Group. In a deployment where calls between two System PGs on the same UCCE system are translation routed by UCCE, the T-Servers can still track the calls in some circumstances via the Report this error to the PBX Vendor. 72 The invoke Id in the service request is being used by another outstanding service request. optional fixed64 propagated_timestamp = 9; } // A scanner keep-alive request. // Updates the scanner access time, increasing its time-to-live.

This is only used // when the read mode is set to READ_AT_SNAPSHOT. only solution, delete Device add Device again (same CIPC name) and it works.I can't figure out what happens, seems an  CUCM DB-CTI-Device Issue.RegardsPaul See More 1 2 3 4 5 Overall The biggest difference between PERIPHERAL_MONITOR and ALL_EVENTS is that the T-Server must express interest in devices it wishes to get events for. For example, shown below is a call from agent 1 to agent 2, both have their phones monitored.

WorkmodeType.AUX_WORK during Nopt Ready TExtension : (ReasonCode ,49) [valid range :1-99)] plz let me know the details of this switch error Note: we r using, T-Server version :7.6 , Avaya communication If you use CTI-Test to do this it is recommended that you turn the tracing in CTI-TEST OFF for events by doing the following: da /off ds /off dc /off Do optional bytes scanner_id = 2; // Set to true to indicate that there may be further results to be fetched // from this scanner.