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Would your machine have definitely stayed switched on? Is your TSM node locked? In particular log files that are currently being written to at time of backup will fail. Vssadmis list writers showed no errors after that. http://dwoptimize.com/return-code/tsm-sql-return-code-418.html

If your TSM node is locked then you will not be able to back up to the HFS until it is unlocked. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Despite the backup failure, a query tsm command lists this backup as an eligible full backup which would be available for restore: tdpexcc q tsm /all In example: Backup If the problem persists, a more thorough disk check, which locates bad sectors and recovers their data, can be performed by running chkdsk /r on the command line.

Ans1512e Return Code = 418

TSM function name : vssInitBackupSpec TSM function : No Space available for new backup. database files. A new backup (i.e.

TSM function name : vssCreateSpaceForSnapshot TSM function : lpmFindSpace failed TSM return code : -1 TSM file : vssback.cpp (5139) ANS1768E TSM was unable to find space for a new snapshot. In this case, a local policy of daily log rotation will ensure that the log data will be backed up at the next backup. If the machine was off when the schedule was due to run then the schedule will have been missed. Anr2579e All Rights Reserved.

Mita201 replied Dec 6, 2016 at 5:09 AM BACKUP DB devc=TSMDBBACKUP t=f... Tsm Return Code 464 I am getting the following error for my TDP Exchange backup.(We are tacking full backup). 10/24/2013 11:41:12 ANS8010E (RC863) An attempt to backup or archive a file has exceed the maximum NO - if you were not connected to the network then the scheduled backup would not have started. We have 12 DB to take backup.

Examining dsmsched.log using a text editor Browse to the appropriate location and open dsmsched.log. Ans1909e This can be fixed by changing the backup domain so that it includes at least one valid drive or partition. snapshot) should not just be created if the space for only one version is allocated, so the out of space error is retuned. Possible reasons include: Intervention at the client (user) end - the user forcibly cancelled the backup/stopped TSM services, or switched the machine off during the backup.

Tsm Return Code 464

Checking your machine Was your machine left switched on overnight? If the node is active and you still require it to be backed up then please proceed to the following section. 1.2. Ans1512e Return Code = 418 You may download attachments. Acn5060e A Tivoli Storage Manager Api Error Has Occurred. The basics Within the email there will be one or more Nodenames listed.

You must have a physical or VPN network connection to the Oxford University network for the scheduled backups to run. Check This Out The TSM Backup-Archive client * * provides equivalent functionality as the * * FlashCopy Manager VSS Requestor when used * * in FlashCopy Manager environments. * **************************************************************** If a FlashCopy Manager the above error message would occur if you wanted to back up the drive /data/fred backup but you specified the incorrect DOMAIN /data/fred backup instead of the correct DOMAIN "/data/fred backup". What OS is your TSM server? Aco5060e A Tivoli Storage Manager Api Error Has Occurred

Thanks, Del ---------------------------------------------------- Del Hoobler IBM Corporation hoobler AT us.ibm DOT com - Remember that the best job security is doing a job well and doing it cheerfully. ===================================================== > We've On a Mac: If you are running OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher, download the latest client for Mac OS X. All Rights Reserved. Source Return code is: 418 02/25/2013 15:09:01 ANS1909E The scheduled command failed. 02/25/2013 15:09:01 ANS1512E Scheduled event 'TDP_WKD_EXCHDB1' failed.

because the machine has been renamed). Temporary fix Comments APAR Information APAR numberIC92804 Reported component nameTDP EXCHANGE WI Reported component ID5698DPXAP Reported release61W StatusCLOSED PER PENoPE HIPERNoHIPER Special AttentionNoSpecatt Submitted date2013-06-05 Closed date2013-12-13 Last modified date2013-12-13 APAR Config File Locations Platform File Location Windows dsm.opt C:\Program Files\tivoli\tsm\baclient Linux, Solaris dsm.sys, dsm.opt /usr or /opt /tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin Mac OS X dsm.sys, dsm.opt /Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager Netware dsm.opt Installation directory For

Thanks, Del ---------------------------------------------------- "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" wrote on 02/26/2013 03:56:22 PM: > From: Jeanne Bruno > To: [email protected], > Date: 02/26/2013 03:57 PM > Subject: Re: TSM TDP

You cannot delete other events. In TDP exchange am getting error ANR2579E return code 418 to one of the schedule incremental backup. In this case, you will be able to tell from the end of dsmerror.log and dsmsched.log that no files failed during the backup. If you cannot close the file(s) that is/are causing the schedule failure before scheduled backup occurs, then you should exclude them from backup.

Then click on the arrow to go back to Power Options and also check that under Choose what the power button does (tab), When I press the power button is not Failure (e.g. There is a space in the domain name - in this case quotation marks need to be used around the drive name, because otherwise TSM will assume that you mean several have a peek here If your Windows server is failing its backups then this may be caused by a problem related to the interaction of TSM with VSS.

Informational (ANS####I) messages will not indicate the cause of a scheduled backup failing or being severed; rather, usually the problem is indicated by an error (ANS####E) message. Depending on your operating system, you now need to search through the log file. To do this: Click on the TSM Home Page button. TDP Exchange version : IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail: Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server Version 6, Release 4, Level 0.0 (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1998, 2012.

Look in the tdpsql.log and/or dsierror.log to find out the cause. To find out when your next scheduled backup is, please see the FAQ item When is my scheduled backup due to run?. 2. Once the password has been reset, we suggest running a manual backup so that you can: Test that the issue has been resolved; Ensure that we have an up-to-date copy of You cannot post IFCode.

YES - if the machine was left on and power management is set correctly, proceed to the next step. The backup will continue but the offending file(s) will not be backed up and will be counted as failed in the summary statistics. Open your spreadsheet package. Files that are continually open, such as database files, would fall into this latter category.

C:), and select [Properties] > [Tools]. TSM Alert E-Mail (Authentication) marclant replied Dec 7, 2016 at 2:07 PM ISP 7.1.6 and Directory... To prevent this, it is recommended that TSM users stop and restart the TSM scheduler periodically: however, if your machine is rebooted regularly then restarting the scheduler is unlikely to be Failure Executing Schedule TDP_WKD_EXCHDB1, RC=418. -----Original Message----- From: ADSM: Dist Stor Manager [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Del Hoobler Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 2:02 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] TSM

You cannot edit your own topics. ANS5250E An unexpected error was encountered. You cannot edit other topics. Was your machine left connected to the Oxford University network?