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Tsm Error Message Ac 3008


System Action: Processing stops. System Action: The requested operation failed. This attempt failed. You must have a physical or VPN network connection to the Oxford University network for the scheduled backups to run. have a peek at this web-site

In the box provided change Files of Type to be [All Files]. System Action: Processing ends. ANS0960ECannot write over data in buffer. ACO5500EThe MultiByteToWideChar() function failed.

Tsm Error Codes

User Response: Specify a broader range of search criteria when issuing this query. User Response: This abort code indicates that a store operation, like backup or archive failed because the copy continue option was set to NO. Explanation: The SQL server aborted the operation on the selected database. The backup will continue but the offending file(s) will not be backed up and will be counted as failed in the summary statistics.

System Action: Processing ends. System Action: The system returns to the calling procedure. These did not match. Ans1417w If you find that the files that failed also failed on days when the schedule completed successfully, then those file failures are very unlikely to be what caused the schedule to

Explanation: The configuration of the virtual device set could not be obtained. Tsm Failed 12 System Action: Processing stops. Explanation: An attempt to open a Notes database was unsuccessful. Logging calls with the HFS Team. 2.4.

User Response: None ACO0153IPerformance stats: seconds seconds spent in function Explanation: The indicated number of seconds were spent the named function. Ans1017e Explanation: An invalid time value was entered. If the error persists, contact your service representative. Explanation: ITSM found that the encryption key passwords do not match.

Tsm Failed 12

User Response: Resend objects in seperate txn's. https://www.iana.org/assignments/service-names-port-numbers/service-names-port-numbers.xml System Action: Processing stops. Tsm Error Codes If the problem can not be determined, it may be necessary to reinstall the application client code. Ans1512e ANS0254E The dsmChangePW password is too long.

Explanation: This is an informational message written to the Tivoli Storage Manager Server activity log indicating that a backup request was canceled by the user. Contact your service representative if the error persists. ANS0266I The dsmEndTxn vote is ABORT, so check the reason field. System Action: Processing ends. Anr2579e

User Response: The supported Lotus Notes version is 4.50 for AIX and NT, or 4.52 or above for OS/2. User Response: Specify a valid value. System Action: Processing ends. The days value cannot be negative (AIX and Windows NT) Explanation: Only a positive number of days can be specified.

User Response: Retry the operation at a later time. User Response: Check the Lotus Notes environment. Refer to the user's guide of the corresponding platform for the correct syntax to use.

User Response: Verify the filespace name.

Refer to the user's guide of the corresponding platform for the correct time syntax. ANS0971EToo few parameters. ACO5715EError writing option_name preference to the configuration file. ANS0964EInvalid Notes Build Version.

Buy the Full Version You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 123 to 127 are not shown in this preview. Explanation: A ITSM error has occurred but the Tivoli Storage Manager data protection application client was not able to translate the error code into a valid ITSM error message. User Response: None ACO0151EErrors occurred while processing the request. Would your machine have definitely stayed switched on?

User Response: Check the SQL Server Name by using the "select @@servername" command from the SQL Query Analyzer. ACO0260IPassword successfully changed. Explanation: The key file content for Tivoli Storage Manager data protection application client for Oracle is invalid. Please change your password on the Tivoli Storage Manager server using the 'change password' command and then either change or remove the password value in your options file.

User Response: Verify the path name of your log database. System Action: Processing stops. Processing will continue. User Response: Validate that the given path name is correct.

User Response: Retry the operation. Explanation: The low level qualifier name or directory delimeter is invalid. Explanation: The system is unable to use the message txt file (dscenu.txt or dsmclientV3.cat for AIX) because of an invalid control record. Client and Data Protection for Lotus Notes Messages (ANS0100-ANS9999) This section contains a listing of messages for the following clients: TSM administrative clients Application program interface clients Backup-archive and Space Management

ACO368EInvalid trace file name (name too long). Explanation: An attempt was made to read from the license file. User Response: Retry the operation. User Response: Obtain a new password for your Tivoli Storage Manager server; node using the change password command or by asking your Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator to change your password.

ANS0207E The log file name was not specified.