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Music Library/Amazon/pandora/SiriusXM etc..) How might I accomplish this? To which host can i stop entire playback? Cheers, Keith like this 0 Quote matbe81 You can see here how much reputation matbe81 has received from other members. response = requests.post( self.base_url + self.control_url, headers=headers, data=body.encode('utf-8') ) log.debug("Received %s, %s", response.headers, response.text) status = response.status_code log.info( "Received status %s from %s", status, self.soco.ip_address) if status == 200: # The check over here

Sonos Menu Shop All products For your Music PLAY:1 PLAY:3 PLAY:5 For your TV audio PLAYBAR SUB Upgrade your stereo CONNECT CONNECT:AMP Explore System NB It may well be that SONOS does not # use some of these error codes. # pylint: disable=invalid-name self.UPNP_ERRORS = { 400: 'Bad Request', 401: 'Invalid Action', 402: 'Invalid Args', That way I can script the UPnP renderer to mimic the > squeezebox as direct control is not possible. MusicSource (which you have created by detective work from the TrackURI) and 2. https://en.community.sonos.com/advanced-setups-229000/upnp-error-code-for-sonos-16463

It would see the servers but not the content. Thanks again - will report back later with wireshark findings.... Let me know if any of my plugins cause the problems. MrSinatra2010-12-31, 13:12this is very exciting...

andyg2011-01-13, 09:37Yes, I know, it's on the todo list. Problem was network related - the Panasonic won't work with Homeplug that works OK with Sony - Panasonic only works with a direct connection to router. You need to know the IP address of each device in order to get its device_description.xml. It's basically a hack that happens to work for simple applications.

By reading a specific URL in XML, for example... Great news!! For example, in TrackMetaData the url to Pandora Artwork is: http://cont-sjl-pandora.com/images/public/rovi/albumart/3/2/1/9/074646939123_500W_500H.jpg. https://en.community.sonos.com/advanced-setups-229000/control-request-failure-no-obvious-cause-33888 I suspect that the error only manifests if a method needs (and thus examines) any supplied arguments, it seems that the SONOS device does no validate the action XML other than

All of the UPnP error codes are in there. They are waiting for some license to come through. There are quite powerful tools you can use that would simplify things. It seems almost as though it is somehow locked??

Also - given that LMS 7.7 is beta how will I know when you have updated the UPnP Plugin? https://github.com/duncan3dc/sonos/issues/21 Date Updated: 09/22/2016 Your Sonos system was not found If you’re seeing this message, it means the Sonos app is having trouble finding the speakers it usually connects to. Would anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? i firmly believe that this advance will eventually equal more hardware sales for logitech, esp if they develop a low power, low cost standalone server box to go along with their

I'ts verry interresting. check my blog You seem to be misusing the php curl in that you are overriding all of the headers. SetFormat [Argument(name='DesiredTimeFormat', vartype='string'), Argument( name='DesiredDateFormat', vartype='string')] [] GetFormat [] [Argument(name='CurrentTimeFormat', vartype='string'), Argument(name='CurrentDateFormat', vartype='string')] ... """ # UPnP Spec at http://upnp.org/specs/arch/UPnP-arch-DeviceArchitecture-v1.0.pdf from __future__ import ( absolute_import, unicode_literals ) import logging from collections self.control_url = '/{0}/Control'.format(self.service_type) #: str: The service control protocol description URL.

dcorsus View Public Profile Find all posts by dcorsus Page 1 of 3 1 23 > Bookmarks Twitter Google « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Go Close CommunityTroubleshootingTrying to control So... I really have no need to play audio on my Revue, but I'll probably give shine a try sometime anyway. this content Here is the raw XML that is being sent: code: env:encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"> 0 Master and the request is being sent to: code: The error seen by the test code

Novice Replies: 4 4 years ago 10 Hi, As other people have already said, you do not need to implement a full uPnP control point for this, but can simply send One player doesn't know anything about other players. slinkeey2011-02-12, 08:20SB Radio Shouldn't that just be native..

Enthusiast Replies: 1298 Almost Famous Meet and greet 4 years ago 3 Control actions in uPnP is actually SOAP based, and there are plenty of SOAP-based libs for php out there.

Returns: callable: The callable to be invoked. . """ # Define a function to be invoked as the method, which calls # send_command. Yields: `tuple`: a tuple of (variable name, data type). """ # pylint: disable=invalid-name ns = '{urn:schemas-upnp-org:service-1-0}' scpd_body = requests.get(self.base_url + self.scpd_url).text tree = XML.fromstring(scpd_body.encode('utf-8')) # parse the state variables to Best Buy (at least locally) is pushing this product, claiming that it offers the best dlna compatibility. How do you find the full list of devices?

Thanks for reminding me. The important thing is that this xml file only describes the device you are pointing at, which you already know the IP address of. rotho2011-02-04, 23:57JRMC works now with r31869. have a peek at these guys Music Library/Pandora/Sirius XM etc..).

Perhaps, you could make it a function, just like HouseholdID? For sources like Amazon, this would allow me to point to the Artwork...but again, I can't figure out how to access this data element. If you are dealing with UPnP at this sort of low level, I highly recommend using Wireshark to see what's going on. For example, by adding the tags [b][/b] before and after your text you can make the selected word or sentence bold.

Or do we need a seperate UPnP control point? When you put it in the store, I will be at the top of the line to BUY it! I then assume 2Player just takes the first one which is the FLAC file. Thanks.

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