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Optimizing Startup Programs [msconfig] MSConfig, similar to the application included in Win9x of the same name, allows the user to fine tune the applications that are launched at startup without A lot of this material is a compilation of information that I have gathered across the net and personally used on my PC and it does make a big difference. It is most likely the case that this service is not needed, not to mention a possible security risk for people concerned about their system security. I have 3 back ups one is just a basic backup , two is a max tweaked backup, three is my lanparty backup. Source

Your line should like similar to the following (although it may not be quite the same): multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Micros oft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect /sos Go to File > Save (Click on XP is a good operating system and is still a good choice for older computers but it is time to move on as far as guides go (I will keep XP If your computer has 2+ user accounts, ... 2 Step 2: Decrapifying (Deleting and Uninstalling)You can decrapify manually (the way I do it) by going to start > Control Panel > pp.86 (115) - Renamed Windows 8.1 section to Windows 8.1 & Update 1 and added Update 1 details. Read More Here

Windows Xp Tweaks To Run Faster

Close Biz & IT Tech Science Policy Cars Gaming & Culture Forums Navigate Videos Features Reviews Ars Approved RSS Feeds Mobile Site About Ars Staff Directory Contact Us Advertise with Ars Change it to 1. Essential Advice for Beginners: Tips 62 to 64 Pg 24. Keep the Windows XP OS in RAMThis tweak is relatively easy to apply.

Defrag Drive 14. Security, privacy and recovery: tips 43 to 45 Pg 17. Note: The settings will change when your computer is restarted.20. Optimize Xp Clean up the start menu 9.

What I have done here is to investigate/test them, try and organize them in a coherent manner, and present them in a step-by-step guide. Windows Xp Tweaks Download Fortunately, there is an easy way to reduce the amount of hard disk space that is reserved for the recycling bins on each drive. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\ControlSet001\\Control \\SessionManager\\MemoryManagement. It's a good thing to leave overnight, since you should not run anything else while doing the defrag.28- Turn off the indexing service Windows XP includes a new feature called 'indexing'

The transaction is handled entirely by PayPal and E-Junkie E-Commerce in an encrypted and 100% secure environment. How To Make Windows Xp Run Faster not through the windows shutdown procedure) often. Download and install Spyware remover 6. This allows for a "moderate number of files" commensurate with the number of small files included in most computer games and applications.

Windows Xp Tweaks Download

I'm assuming that the computers being optimized have 512 MB or RAM or so, so Norton won't slow things down too much.Disregard my ignorant comment above lol "best security software out Level 1 - It keeps XP pretty, but faster and a little more secure. Windows Xp Tweaks To Run Faster If you have any issues viewing them, the best solution is to update your PDF reader software, or try the alternative software. Tweak Windows Xp For Optimum Performance Check your hard drives with scandisk With time and heavy use, a myriad of data problems and physical problems can develop and mar the performance of your hard drive, not to

pp.425 (574) - Added Valley GPU stress testing utility. this contact form Have You Found This Guide Useful? The next time you try to access the shared files on a remote computer, you will probably notice your computer gets there faster.17. Useful Tips for XP: tips 20 to 22 Pg 10. Windows Xp Tweak Tool

pp.81,140 (109,185) - Added links to Windows 7 SP1 ISO images. Video card manufacturers release updates especially often, and these can often give "significant boosts" to gaming performance as video card in question is "optimized." Don't neglect the other components of your pp.78 - Expanded Live Icon details. have a peek here Most users will never exceed one-quarter of the volume.

pp.58-59 (80) - Added a new DISM section describing how to fix component store corruption. There are still some ways to optimize your page file use so it is a bit less of a burden on your system, however. Click on Start and right-click "My Computer".

The safest settings but not tweaked much.

All pages - Fixed a range of typographical/grammatical errors. This guide will keep your computer responsive and snappy. 1 Step 1: ProcedureThere are several options with which to begin optimization. To disable the 8.3 naming convention: Open REGEDIT Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Con trol\\FileSystem Change the value of the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation key to '1' Note that some popular programs, including Norton Antivirus, use the pp.14-19 - Revised Basic PC Terminology chapter with updated/additional information.

All pages - Fixed any dead or inaccurate hyperlinks. pp.26-34 (30-46) - New Features chapter updated for the key Windows 8.1 Update 1 changes. Now somebody tell me how to get Firefox to open faster and life will be, well, easier.to make it start quicker remove old add-onsThis is awesome, can't wait to try this http://dwoptimize.com/windows-xp/tweak-windows-xp-performance.html Card Specs Model GTX1060 xlr8 Brand PNY Model...

It is a good idea to do this tweak if you are not behind a firewall. For the "Value Data" field, type 1. One is the name that you see in explorer and in the command prompt, and the other is an MSDOS compatible 8.3 (8 character title followed by a '.' Then three pp.191-194 - Added Heaven, Lightsmark, HD Tune & Opti Drive Control utilities; updated Prime95 instructions.